High-Quality & Affordable Slate Roofing Repair, Replacement & Installation

Slate roofs are one of the most beautiful roofing materials available today for your home. Slate has actually been used on homes and buildings for centuries because of its elegance and functionality. Slate has an incredible, authentic look to it, and gives homeowners plenty of options to choose from with different grades of slate and colors. You can immediately tell when a home has slate because of its natural look – and is typically found on elegant homes.

Slate is not the most inexpensive roofing material available, but when a new slate roof is installed properly, with proper underlayment and flashing, and a good quality slate tile is used, a slate roof can last over 100 years!

Delaware Slate Roofing Services

With a full-service Delaware slate roofing company, you can trust our contractors for your slate roofing needs:

  • Slate roof inspection, estimate and evaluations
  • Slate roof restoration
  • Slate roof repair
  • Slate roof replacement
  • Slate roof re-roof
  • Slate roof installation
  • Slate roof maintenance
  • Slate roof shingles repair and replacement

Why Slate Roofing?

When it comes to life expectancy and durability of a roof, few can compare to a traditional slate roof. It can not only hold up for decades, but adds tremendous beauty and elegance to a home.

Options: There are many styles that you can choose from when it comes to a slate roof. There are vibrant stunning colors like purples, and reds, to more comforting colors like black and shades of greys.

Fire resistance: Slate is resistant to fire and mold because of its construction

Ideal in cold temperatures: Slate has low water absorption

Aesthetics: It can improve the curb-appeal of your home with improved elegance and street-view.

Environmentally Friendly: Since slate is not replaced every 15-20 years like an asphalt shingle roof, it does not fill up landfills.

What Are Some of The Top Slate Roofing Brands?

Many homeowners trust DaVinci and Inspire for slate shingle products. Slate is not for everyone. It may not fit everyone’s budget. But these brands offer a quality slate product at a very reasonable price for the quality.

Slate Roof Installation & Replacement

A slate roof is not the best fit for every home. A good roofing contractor will serve as a consultant for your roofing project to give you an honest assessment and opinion on whether a roofing material will blend with your home’s structure and character.

Slate roof shingles are considerably heavier than asphalt, and thus can’t be built on every home. A technician will have to inspect your home and its structure to see if it could support a composite or traditional slate roof. This is more important on a re-roof or slate roof replacement. If it is a new home construction, and you are looking to have a slate tile roof installation, a tech can offer up ideas how to build your roof from the start to support slate.

If your roof is not a candidate for traditional slate roofing, then composite slate roofing may be an alternative option. While these materials are less heavy than natural slate, they are less fragile and still offer tremendous wind uplifting ratings. Whether it’s composite or traditional, you want an experienced slate tile roofing crew to ensure that everything is sealed and adhered properly so that your slate roof will not leak in the future.

Eventually, a slate roof will need to be replaced. If 30-percent of your slate roof needs to be repaired, it may be a better idea to have the entire slate roof replaced.

What are signs for potential slate roof replacement?

These are just a few signs that you may need to consider a full slate roof replacement:

  • Missing, Loose, Broken, or Cracked Slates
  • Delaminating
  • Flaking
  • Powdering on the underside

Slate Tile Roof Repair & Leaks

Is your slate tile roof leaking? Or, are you noticing missing, loose, broken, or cracked slates? Whether you have a composite or traditional slate roof, it is important to remedy any repairs as soon as possible. Minor damage can be quickly fixed to protect the integrity of your entire slate roof. Worn or damaged flashing can be fixed, and a slate tile roofing contractor can help you identify where leaks are coming from. However, the longer you wait to repair your slate roof, the worse damages can become, and may require a full slate roof replacement.


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