Delaware Siding Services:

  • Siding Installation
  • Siding Replacement
  • Siding Repair
  • Siding Inspection & Estimate
  • Soffit Repair
  • Fascia Repair

Whether you have a modern home, or a historical home, there are many siding materials to choose from. You want siding that will mesh with the look of your entire home, and of course the style of your roof. It should match your home’s character, your home’s style, its color, and shape.

What Are The Types of Siding?

There are many types of siding that you can choose from for your Delaware home. It all depends on your preference and style of your home. Some of the available options are:

  • Vinyl
  • Slate
  • Wood
  • Tile
  • Cedar
  • Aluminum
  • Fiber Cement
  • Insulated Vinyl
  • Cementious
  • Soffit
  • Fascia
  • Rake Trim

Siding Repair

You may need siding repair after a storm comes through. Did a wind storm blow off a portion of your soffit, fascia, or siding? Or, perhaps moisture damage and dry rot has occurred, mandating that you have your siding repaired. Depending on the severity of the damage, your siding could be a candidate for partial replacement or just small spot repairs, however, if after an initial inspection is conducted and it is detected that there is underlying issues, siding replacement may be the only option.

Siding Replacement

Unfortunately, siding is not made to last forever. And, with the weather that we see in Delaware, Mother Nature can help expedite how quickly we need to have certain home improvement jobs, such as having siding replaced. Siding that is aging and actively deteriorating is not only an unappealing look (lowering property value), but it fails to do its job of protecting the sides of your home from storms.

Siding Questions to Think About

  • Would you prefer horizontal or vertical siding?
  • What would be the best color siding for your home?
  • Combine several styles of siding or keep a consistent look throughout the entire home?
  • Planks, boards or shingles?

These are all important questions to think about before having your siding replaced. Siding can drastically effect your home’s appearance, and home’s curb value. It is certainly worth the time to seek professional opinion of a siding company to ensure it blends with all HOA requirements and that the siding selection is the best material and color fit for your home.


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