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How Do You Know That You’re Hiring The Right Roofing Contractor?

Does your Delaware home need roof repairs for leaks, or a complete total roof replacement? Your roof is one of the most expensive and important assets to your home. The importance of finding the right roofing contractor that will care for your roof like their own can’t be overstated.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the outside elements. Whether that is inclement weather, rain, hail, wind, a hurricane, tornado, ice, snow – your roof protects your home, your family and its belongings from water damage. A poorly installed roof can put your home at risk with water seeping in, and mold developing.

Before hiring a contractor, you want to ask them about the quality of the materials they are using, and research what others say about that brand. You want to understand the quality and expertise of the employees. Is the company local – or are they a national brand. Do they have any references or social reviews?

Consultative Or One-Dimensional

Is your roofing contractor a specialist in only one type of roofing material, or are they experienced with several? Not all homes are built the same, nor does every home have the same needs. There are numerous roofing systems out in the marketplace to accommodate an array of residential and commercial structures.

Some roofing contractors only specialize in asphalt shingle roofs. And while shingle roofs are one of the most widespread roofing materials used on homes across the country – shingles are not your only option. A quality contractor should explain all of your options, such as a metal roof, slate roof, copper, wood, shake, or tile roof. Some homeowners may prefer a roof that will last longer than a shingle roof, such as metal, even if it means that the initial cost may be more upfront.

If you’re looking for something such as a slate roof, or tile roof, you want to select a roofer that has experience working with those materials before. A shingler may not understand the intricacies of installing a terracotta or clay tile roof.

Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

Depending on who you call, you may get different answers. Some companies will tell you that you need a roof replacement no matter what, even if it’s a year-old roof. At the same time, if you have a few blown off shingles and call a handyman who is not trained in storm damage, or signs of roof damage, they may simply recommend a couple hundred dollars in roof repairs. Both situations can be dangerous, which is why you want an honest, local roofing company. If you could qualify for a new roof from insurance because of storm damage, but have a handyman nail back on blown shingles, it could void the warranty, it could cause potential leaks or breaks in your roofing system, and likely will disqualify a roof claim as you made temporary patchwork repairs without insurance.

Is your contractor local or from out of state?

It’s not unusual to be hounded by door knockers and out of state roofing contractors after a storm. While we don’t have as many storms in Delaware as Texas or Colorado, we still get plenty of wind and rain to drive in occasional storm chasers. You want to be very careful with the contractor that you select to help you with your roof and insurance scope. Some storm chasing companies have what is called “taillight warranties” where once they leave – they will be gone for good. Whereas, a local Delaware roofing contractor can stand the test of time with your roof, and if you ever have future leaks, can honor their warranty and guarantees.

Do they have references?

A quality roofing company should have no problem showing you dozens, if not hundreds of references and testimonials of their previous work. A new roof is a huge monetary investment for a homeowner – and understandably a very stressful decision. When a roofing contractor eases that burden by calmly helping the homeowner through the process (particularly if it’s an insurance claim) & delivers a beautiful new roof – many homeowners are naturally elated and relieved with the final product.

A quality contractor should be able to showcase these before/after photos, and have local glowing reviews and references from these other homeowners to share with you. This is not only a reflection of their reputation in the community, but a reflection of their experience. The more reviews they can share with you is also a good sign that they are experienced working on local roofing systems similar to your own!

It’s important to contemplate all of these points before purchasing a new roof – as a quality roof should last 15 or 20 years, or longer if you decide on a metal or tile or slate roof!

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