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PVC roofs are a quality commercial roofing system for flat roofs because of their flexible protection.

PVC roof systems date back to the early 60’s when it initially came out because it only used half of the fossil fuels normally required. The PVC material allowed for greater flexibility than what other conventional commercial roofing systems offers, and held up remarkably better to weather and storms and temperature fluctuations.

PVC Roof Installation

Installing a PVC roof on your commercial flat roof is worthy of consideration because: it’s extremely versatile & chemical resistant.

Choice: You can choose between widths, thickness, and color for your PVC roof.

Eco-friendly: PVC roofs require fewer fossil fuels in their construction.

Energy Efficient: Since PVC is highly reflective, it is ideal in warm climates to help keep your building cool by reflecting UV rays, and keeping your roof insulated.

Lifespan: Many PVC roofs will have a lifespan of 15 or 20 years, or more

Repairing a PVC Roof

If your PVC roof is punctured or cracked you may need to repair your flat roof. In cold conditions, PVC roofs can shatter or crack from being walked on. Or, if someone were to drop a sharp object or branch hits the membrane at the right angle, it can tear through your PVC leaving your roof open to leaks.

If the contractor that installs your PVC roof improperly welded the seams, holes could emerge for water to leak into your roof through the decking.

PVC Roofing Benefits

PVC is preferred by many roofing contractors because it is a relatively easy material to work with. They are flexible, offer excellent performance and longevity. PVC is weldable to create a water-tight seal. These roofs are fire resistant. They are environmentally friendly and recyclable. PVC roofs are resistant to chemicals, oils and grease much better than many other roofing membranes. This is ideal with restaurants and industrial plants.

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